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New Violin Outfits from Hidersine - Inspired by the Masters

Posted: 29/04/2021
"Inspired by celebrated designs and patterns from the most respected and skilled master luthiers throughout history"

Hidersine Orchestral have announced the launch of a new range of violin outfits inspired by celebrated designs and patterns from the most respected and skilled master luthiers throughout history.


Hidersine Espressione - Stradivari


Undoubtedly the most recognisable and famous name in the world of violin making, Antoni Stradivari and the Stradivari family of stringed instrument builders crafted some of the most exceptional instruments ever produced.

Famous for their striking deep red varnish finishes and impeccably proportioned designs with elongated F holes, Stradivarius instruments are the inspiration behind the Hidersine Espressione Stradivari violin. Hand-crafted by master luthiers, they offer a stunning representation of the original models both visually and tonally.

With the violin's role gradually moving from the confines of private parties and chamber music quartets to larger concert halls by the early 18th Century, Stradivari perfected a longer, larger and flatter design that gave his violins the volume, expression and projection needed to perform beautifully in their new environment.

The Hidersine Espressione Stradivari violin remains affectionately close to the anatomy of the original instruments to produce a particularly natural and balanced tone that is highly resonant and perfect for orchestral players.

Hidersine Violin Espressione 4/4 Outfit - Stradivari


Hidersine Espressione - Guarneri 


Regarded with as much esteem as Stradivari instruments, Guarneri violins are the product of the distinguished Guarneri luthiers from Cremona throughout the 17th and 18th Century.

Famously played by celebrated violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini, Guarneri violins feature a lower, flatter back arching and longer f-holes that produce full-bodied bass notes and a notably darker sound.

The design also lends itself particularly well to slower bow techniques where bow speed can be kept at a slow pace without notes sounding like they are being choked.

Hidersine Espressione Guarneri violins offer stunning representations of their original counterparts.

Hidersine Violin Espressione 4/4 Outfit - Guarneri


Hidersine - Edwin Whitmarsh


The Hidersine Edwin Whitmarsh Violin affectionately celebrates the work of one of the finest 20th Century craftsmen, British violin maker Edwin Whitmarsh. Noted for meticulous and exquisite detail in his instrument designs matched with the use of premium tonewoods for a beautifully balanced and resonant tone, Edwin Whitmarsh’s legacy lives long in the memory to this day. 

The son of self-taught violin master craftsman, Emanuel Whitmarsh, Edwin continued in his father's footsteps by crafting beautiful violins in London, UK throughout the early 20th Century. 

The Hidersine Whitmarsh offers a contemporary representation of the stunning original models with a powerfully-flamed maple back and ribs and an orange-brown finish typical of British violin-making traditions. It impresses visually and tonally, and will transform your playing for many years to come.

Hidersine Edwin Whitmarsh Violin 4/4 Outfit